Today’s Headlines

  • NHTSA Endorses, Takes Steps to Regulate Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Technology
  • As Construction Begins, CA HSR Chair Says Everything Is Hunky-Dory (MercuryCap News Radio)
  • “A Major Leap in Public Transit”: Dallas Light Rail Extends to Airport (CBS)
  • Brookings Examines the Lessons Learned from the Failure of Missouri’s Amendment 7
  • Transit Funding Ballot Initiative Ignites Austin Battle Over Rail (KVUE)
  • Rick Scott Runs for Reelection in Florida Promising $230M in Bike Projects (News4)
  • A Call for Drivers Ed to Include Bike Safety (Coloradoan)
  • Why Peak-Hour Bus Lanes Aren’t Enough (Seattle Transit Blog)
  • BlaBlaCar: The French Contribution to True Ridesharing (Bloomberg)
  • What Good Is a Transit Station Without a Public Bathroom? (Crikey)
  • Wrong Again, Joel Kotkin (Grist)


Nashville's $6 billion regional transit plan calls for several new light rail and bus rapid transit lines. Map:  nMotion2015

Nashville Is Ready to Embrace Transit

Nashville planners have put together a $6 billion transit expansion plan that calls for four light rail lines, three bus rapid transit routes, a commuter rail connection, and more. And it looks like a referendum on raising local taxes to pay for the package would fare well, according to a new poll.

Gun Lobby’s New Target: The Bus

Letting people carry firearms on transit vehicles is a new priority for the gun lobby in several states where legislation to expand concealed carry rules to buses and trains is gaining momentum. Proponents of these bills imagine armed transit riders protecting themselves from would-be assailants. Some states, like Texas, already allow guns on transit. But not everyone thinks crowded buses are a […]

Raleigh-Durham Voters Give Go-Ahead to Light Rail Plans

Yesterday was a mixed bag for transit at the ballot box. Voters in Cincinnati beat back a second referendum that would have prevented the city from building its planned and ready-to-go streetcar line. In Seattle, meanwhile, an initiative that would have allowed local electeds to raise vehicle license fees to support transit was rejected. Maybe […]

Today’s Headlines

White House Expected to Weaken Vehicle Pollution Standards (NYT) Caltrain Looks for Plan B As Trump Withholds Funds for Upgrades (SF Chron, NYT) Despite “Bikelash,” Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto Isn’t Backing Down on Bike Lanes (Post-Gazette) After Much Controversy, Cleveland Reopens Public Square to Buses (AP) Report: Apartments Near Transit Bring Cities More Tax Revenue (GGW) Uber Goes […]

Today’s Headlines

Senate Extends Transit Benefit, Ball Now In House’s Court (Baltimore Sun) First Nationwide Count of Parking Spaces Tallies More Than 500 Million (Knoxville News Sentinel) PA Gov. Rendell Invests $45M in Pittsburgh Transit Rather Than Cut Service (Post Gazette) Will Anti-Rail Republicans in Florida Block Reallocated Midwestern Rail Money? (ABC) Is High Speed Rail the […]