Today’s Headlines

  • Harry Reid Has a Gimmicky Tax Cut Idea for the Highway Trust Fund (Politico)
  • NYT: Corporate Tax Holiday Isn’t the Right Fix 
  • New Twin Cities Light Rail Up and Running, Promising Change (Minn Post, City Lab)
  • Foxx Points to Delaware Bridge as Example of National Problem (USA Today)
  • Pittsburgh’s New Planning Director Brings Wisdom from Seattle and Manhattan (Post-Gazette)
  • Obama Intervenes in Philly Transit Dispute (The Hill)
  • California Budget Plan Includes Funding for High-Speed Rail (Reuters)
  • Achieving “Lean Urbanism” Will Require Balanced Approach (Smart Growth for Conservatives)
  • Charlotte Looks to Minneapolis as Model for Health-Centered Development (Charlotte Observer)
  • Brookings: Innovation Districts Need Transit, Broadband, and Bike/Ped Facilities 


Today’s Headlines

Mica Wants to Kick Amtrak Out of the Northeast Corridor, Dems Won’t Have It (Globe, The Hill) Add Bad Station-Area Planning to the List of the Pentagon’s Blunders (Yglesias) Video: The Case for Smart Growth (Switchboard) Utah Slows Down Freeway Expansion Plan in Favor of Transit (Salt Lake Tribune) State Could Pull the Plug on […]

What Kind of Transpo Secretary Will Anthony Foxx Be?

Later today President Obama is expected to nominate Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to replace Ray LaHood as transportation secretary. The last time we reported about Foxx, the North Carolina Legislature was trying to thwart his plans to pursue a streetcar and light rail expansion at the same time. Speaking to the Washington Post, an anonymous White […]

Today’s Headlines

In California, Plummeting Gas Tax Revenue Hurts Transit Projects (LA Times) Plans Speeding Up for Houston-Dallas High-Speed Rail (Houston Chron) How Will We Wade Through the Politics of Driverless Cars? (Boston Globe) What’s Behind Maryland Gov. Hogan’s Pursuit of Maglev Rail? (WaPo) BRT Could Be the Best Solution for Charleston’s Gridlock (Post and Courier) New NACTO Guide Sees Protected Bike […]
Even though they weren't asked for it, consultant Kimley-Horn drew a fantasy map that would involve new projects designed and built by firms like Kimley-Horn. Image via CATS

Charlotte Transit Has Problems That Expensive Fantasy Maps Won’t Fix

Kimley-Horn, a multinational consulting firm looking to plan the next phases of the Charlotte area's rail expansion, also has ideas for new rail lines above and beyond the region's long-term blueprint -- projects that would be designed and built, naturally, by multinational consulting firms like Kimley-Horn. Trouble is, the firm's fantasy exercise does nothing to address the real challenges facing Charlotte's transit network.