Today’s Headlines

  • Time to Stop the Desperate Funding Gimmicks, Taxpayer Bailouts (HuffPoLIUNA)
  • NH Lawmakers Approve Gas Tax Hike As Long As It Funds Road Expansion and Nothing Else (NHPR)
  • Obama Sends Julian Castro‘s Nomination to be HUD Secretary to Senate (The Hill)
  • Formerly Fast-Growing Sprawl Towns Decline in New Jersey (
  • Honolulu Rail Not Living Up to Job-Creation Promises (Civil Beat)
  • Single-Family Housing May Be Down, But Single-Family Houses Are Still Growing (WaPo)
  • Driverless Cars Will Transform Transportation (H Plus)
  • Transpo Projects Often Ignore Public Health, Especially in Poor Neighborhoods (UC Denver)
  • Startup Transit Labs Launches In Four Pilot Cities in the South (Elevation DC)


Today’s Headlines

Maryland Gov. Hogan: Yes to Purple Line, No to Red Line (WaPo, Baltimore Sun, GGW) Bethesda Mag Recounts the Purple Line’s Long Road Senate Committee OKs $9B for Amtrak Over Four Years (The Hill) “Super Commutes” Will Only Increase Without Real Transportation Solutions (AP) Cities Like Phoenix Have Learned Not to Count on Feds for Transpo Money (WaPo) Philly Gets […]

To Open Up Cities, Make Single-Family Zones More Flexible

As the number of jobs in Seattle explodes, the city is grappling with how to make room for all the population growth that’s expected to follow. The city’s “Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda” maps out a strategy to do so, focusing mainly on infill development in denser areas near transit. Most of the city, however, is zoned for single-family […]

The Suburbs Aren’t Dying — They’re Growing Differently

Cross-posted from the Frontier Group. Sommer Mathis said much of what needed to be said about the recent round of “the suburbs are back, baby!” stories on housing trends, including this analysis from Jed Kolko, housing economist at, and the related commentary from Matt Yglesias at Vox. Mathis argues that the concept of a battle for supremacy between cities and […]

The Globalization of Suburbia

The above photo could be a scene from Any Suburb, USA. Except … what’s the deal with the helmet-free cyclist in street clothes? “Welcome to Orange County,” writes Andrew Stokols at TheCityFix. “No, not Orange County, California. This is Orange County, Beijing.” Stokols says walled-off suburbs modeled on U.S. “gated communities” are gaining popularity among the affluent […]

When Homeowners Near Good Transit Refuse to Share the Neighborhood

This video from the Minneapolis-based satirical site Wedge LIVE sends up the not-in-my-backyard resistance to infill development that could help alleviate the shortage of affordable housing affecting a growing number of American cities. Anton Schieffer at lives in Whittier, the neighborhood where the much-feared 10-unit rental building would be built. It’s close to downtown, has good transit access, […]

Imagining a New Future for Empty Garages

If shared fleets of self-driving cars really do hit the streets in the next decade, some big changes are on the horizon. One of the biggest is that individual car ownership will become much less common. At Market Urbanism, Nolan Gray explores the effect this would have on the way we use the garages attached to typical single-family homes. There’s […]