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  • T&I Top Dem Rahall, Targeted by Koch Bros., Would’ve Retired Without More Campaign Funds (The Hill)
  • Despite Gabe Klein’s Departure, Chicago Building 20 Miles of Bike Lanes This Summer (Tribune)
  • Next Few Months Critical to California HSR Future (Sac Bee)
  • Caltrain Turns to Reddit to Communicate with Riders About Safety Issues (Examiner)
  • North Carolina Debates a Vehicle-Miles Traveled Fee (Gaston GazetteReflector)
  • New Vox Venture Launches With a Plea for More Diverging Diamonds — You Know, For Safety
  • Oregon Gets 8 Repair Projects Instead of One Huge New Bridge (Statesman Journal)
  • Does Seattle Metro Really Need More Money? (Times)
  • Heartless Curmudgeon, a.k.a. Police Chief in Cobb County, GA, Blames Kids on Bikes for Crashes (MDJ)
  • A Ground View of Transit Cuts and the Limits of Service Restoration (Post-Gazette)
  • The Illogic Behind Amtrak’s Boarding Procedures, And the Hack to Avoid Them (Vox)
  • ped guy

    While I’m a fan of Klein (and Sadik-Khan), I think it’s time to move beyond this rock star mythology for agency heads. Chicago certainly saw a nice bump under his tenure, but it’s not as if they hadn’t built any bike lines prior. The article just proves that strong grassroots advocacy, experienced and creative agency staff and willing political leadership togher can bring about progress regardless of any one particular person.

  • I don’t know if I entirely agree. Sometimes all the hard work in the world doesn’t make it to the top of the political food chain if you don’t have a rock star like Klein or Sadik-Khan working your issues.


Vox Pulls Back the Curtain on “Scam” to Save Lives With Red Light Cameras

You can usually count on Vox for accurate, research-based explainers of public policy issues. That’s why the new Vox video on red light cameras is so monumentally disappointing. Researchers have established that red light cameras make streets safer by reducing potentially fatal T-bone collisions, though they do lead to more rear-end crashes, which tend not to be very serious. […]

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Sen. McConnell Says Bipartisan Transpo Plan Could Be Announced Tomorrow (Transport Topics) Issues Tangled Up in Transpo: Obamacare, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Ex-Im Bank… (Nat Journal) 81 Transit Groups Prod Congress for More Bus Funding (The Hill) Call It a Car Crash, Not a Car “Accident” (Vox) Will Caltrans Make Good on Its Ambitious Bike Goals? (SF Gate) “Pope […]

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Ed Glaeser on Why So Much Infrastructure Spending Is Wasted (Vox) Adie Tomer: It Will Take More Than Light Rail to Fix U.S. Transit (NextCity) Anthony Foxx Says He Expects Automakers to Voluntarily Comply with New Safety Guidelines (Reuters) Planners Will Try to Fix a Sprawling Section of Suburban Maryland (NYT) Mexico Bets on Gondolas (Japan Times) […]

Don’t Blame Hills for Pittsburgh’s Pedestrian Injuries

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently published an in-depth investigation of the city’s pedestrian safety record. The paper reported that 2,100 collisions injured or killed pedestrians in the city between 2006 and 2013. That should be a wake-up call, says Bike PGH Executive Director Scott Bricker on the organization’s blog. But some local traffic engineers are trying to deflect […]

Today’s Headlines

Unlike Trump, Mitch McConnell Says Infrastructure Spending Not a Priority (Washington Monthly) Energy Department Says It Won’t Report Employees Who Worked on Climate Change (WaPo) Trump’s Energy Department Pick Is Climate Denier Rick Perry (Inside Climate News) Commuters Will Be Able to Pay for Uberpool With Pre-Tax Benefits in a Few Cities (Bloomberg) Census Data Supports the Idea […]