Today’s Headlines

  • Lawmakers Shooting Down Every Viable Transportation Funding Option (Bloomberg)
  • …But Secretary Foxx Is Still Optimistic About a Deal (The Hill)
  • Obama’s Transportation Proposal Is Good — Let’s Raise the Gas Tax to Pay For It (Grist, Marketplace)
  • Obama May Have Given Up on Infrastructure Bank, But Georgetown Public Policy Review Hasn’t
  • Camp Proposal Raises the Gas Tax — But Only on Barge Operators (E&E)
  • If Americans Are Driving Less, Let’s Stop Building New Roads (Looking at You, Seattle) (Atlantic Cities)
  • When Will Bertha Get Moving Again on the Seattle Tunnel? Maybe June. Maybe October. (Crosscut)
  • Ballot Initiative to Block High-Speed Rail Bonding in California Moves Forward (Biz Journal)
  • Bixi’s Bankruptcy Slows Down Capital Bikeshare Expansion (WaPo)
  • Now Every Bus in SF Is a Google Bus (SF Chronicle)
  • Maybe Texas Would Have Been a Better Place to Launch HSR in the U.S. (RPUS)
  • “Extreme Guerrilla Traffic Calming” (


Streetsie Awards: The Results, Part One

Happy New Year, everybody! Before we start fresh with a bright new year in which we will undoubtedly avoid all the mistakes we made this year (and every year before that), let’s take a look back at some highs and lows of 2014. The votes have been counted, and it’s time to reveal the first […]

Today’s Headlines

In GOP Senate, South Dakota’s John Thune Poised to Be Critical for Transportation (Roll Call) Maryland Upset Sees Anti-Rail Hogan Take Governor’s Seat (WaPo) Atlanta Transit Expansion Sees Wide Support at the Polls (AJC) Pinellas County, FL, Chooses Status Quo, Not Light Rail (Tampa Bay Times) Austin Shoots Down $1B Bond for Rail (Community Impact) Many Cities […]