Today’s Headlines

  • Lawmakers Shooting Down Every Viable Transportation Funding Option (Bloomberg)
  • …But Secretary Foxx Is Still Optimistic About a Deal (The Hill)
  • Obama’s Transportation Proposal Is Good — Let’s Raise the Gas Tax to Pay For It (Grist, Marketplace)
  • Obama May Have Given Up on Infrastructure Bank, But Georgetown Public Policy Review Hasn’t
  • Camp Proposal Raises the Gas Tax — But Only on Barge Operators (E&E)
  • If Americans Are Driving Less, Let’s Stop Building New Roads (Looking at You, Seattle) (Atlantic Cities)
  • When Will Bertha Get Moving Again on the Seattle Tunnel? Maybe June. Maybe October. (Crosscut)
  • Ballot Initiative to Block High-Speed Rail Bonding in California Moves Forward (Biz Journal)
  • Bixi’s Bankruptcy Slows Down Capital Bikeshare Expansion (WaPo)
  • Now Every Bus in SF Is a Google Bus (SF Chronicle)
  • Maybe Texas Would Have Been a Better Place to Launch HSR in the U.S. (RPUS)
  • “Extreme Guerrilla Traffic Calming” (


The Amazing Disappearing State Gas Tax

The Missouri Department of Transportation wants to widen I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City. But as we’ve been reporting, many state DOTs just don’t have the money for major highway expansions anymore — and Missouri is no exception. So to pay for this project, which is projected to cost anywhere from $1.5 billion to […]

Transit vs. Highways: Which Came Out on Top in Local Elections?

There were several local ballot measures with big implications for streets and transportation yesterday, and results were all over the map. Here’s how three of the most notable votes turned out. Seattle’s property tax increase to fund walking, biking, and transit Voters have spoken and they decided to enact Move Seattle, the $900 million property tax levy for transportation. […]

Debunking the Myth of Motorist Entitlement to Monopolize the Road

There’s an old line among opponents of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. It says road construction funds shouldn’t be used to build bike lanes and sidewalks because cyclists and pedestrians don’t contribute to the gasoline taxes that fund road construction. A bicyclist may be able to duck past high gas prices, but everyone pays for roads. […]

Obama’s Politically Impossible Transpo Plan Is Just What America Needs

It may be “seven years too late,” as tactical urbanist Mike Lydon put it, but President Obama has released a transportation proposal that calls for big shifts in the country’s spending priorities. Obama’s proposal would generate $30 billion annually from a $10-per-barrel surcharge assessed on oil companies. More importantly, the revenue is linked to a substantial shift in what transportation projects get […]

H.R. 7: Is John Boehner Serious?

What was John Boehner thinking? That’s the question observers have been asking since the Speaker of the House put forward the most extreme transportation bill in history, one that seems to lose steam every day. Granted, there’s been some pretty crazy stuff coming out of Congress recently. But did he seriously think this proposal would […]