Today’s Headlines

  • Amtrak Becomes an Election Issue (HuffPo)
  • John Mica Continues His “Holy Jihad” Against Amtrak Today Despite Record Ridership (Politico)
  • Federal Government Doesn’t Think Urban Policy Is Its Bailiwick Anymore (Next American City)
  • Gentrification Isn’t About Race, It’s About Attitude (Transportation Nation, Urban Times)
  • Chicago’s Pedestrian Plan Is Still Too Car-Centric, Lacks Some Basic Information (Grid Chicago)
  • Revolution = Fitting Square Peg of Cycling Into Round Hole of Auto-Oriented Communities (USA Today)
  • Fine Print on Amtrak HSR Plan Could Turn Philadelphia Upside Down (Atlantic Cities)
  • The Finance Game Keeps Failed Greenfield Development Sites in Play (Reuters)
  • Some State DOTs Look to Smart Growth (Governing)
  • Just because Amtrak has record ride ridership doesn’t mean we should give their operating procedures and budgetary planning process a pass. Any agency trumpeting a $125 billion expansion plan that’s orders of magnitude more than any other similar plan in the world deserves the scrutiny.


GOP Proposal to Privatize the Northeast Corridor Meets Resistance

House Republicans, led by Transportation Committee leaders John Mica (R-FL) and Bill Schuster (R-PA), have a plan to take the Northeast Corridor out of Amtrak’s control and privatize it. They’ve long called Amtrak a “Soviet-style operation” that loses money. Mica said that ridership of the NEC hasn’t changed since 1977, the year after Amtrak took […]

Why Was Madison Left Out of the Midwest Rail Boom?

Does the state government of Wisconsin, under the leadership of Scott Walker, hate intercity rail or love it? Lately, it’s been difficult to tell. Just a few years ago, the newly elected Walker rejected some $810 million in federal money to expand passenger rail to the capital city of Madison. Now, all of a sudden, […]

Republican Response to USDOT’s High-Speed Rail Grantees

In my last story about the allocation of high-speed rail funds, I said House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL) must be pleased to finally see the Northeast Corridor get its due. In a statement hot off the GOP’s presses, Mica didn’t sound exactly pleased. Once again, the Administration has scattered funding to numerous slower-speed […]

Amtrak’s Marketing Overture to Millennials

Chalk up a win for the Amtrak marketing team, which has drummed up a ton of media coverage with its new residency program for writers. The above video, produced by Amtrak, goes into the thinking behind this effort. Randy Simes at Urban Cincy expounds on the strategy today: On the heels of kicking off their […]

Today’s Headlines

Obama Cites Transit Projects, Not Just Roads and Bridges, As Job-Creators (Chronicle) Obama Says Even God Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Plan (AP) Mica Insists “Current Spending Levels” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Account For Inflation (JOC) Senate Appropriations Bill Includes Money For New York – New Jersey Amtrak Tunnel (NJ Today) Before You […]