Today’s Headlines

  • You Are Here: A Handy Roadmap to How This Bill Becomes A Law (If It Ever Happens) (T4A)
  • Rahall Supports Keystone But Bets Against It (The Hill)
  • The Onion: Sec. LaHood Loses It When Informed of a Pothole in Baltimore
  • Study: “Resilient Walkables” Will Lead the Housing Recovery (Switchboard)
  • Search Data Shows Angelenos Want Elbow Room, New Yorkers Want to Go Anywhere Else (HuffPo)
  • Eating While Driving Is Far Worse Than Drunk Driving (Sympatico)
  • With Onboard Internet, Drivers Can Surf the Web, Update Their Facebook, Crash Their Car (Bloomberg)
  • Mapnificent Shows How Far Transit Can Take You in 20 Cities in 30 Minutes (HuffPo)
  • CA Leader Wants to Know If Obama Is Good For More HSR Money (Daily Journal)
  • How to Make Transit More Woman-Friendly Without Breaking the Bank (Good)


Today’s Headlines

Spiking Gas Prices Mean Savings for Transit Riders (Reuters) Meanwhile, White House Considers Tapping Strategic Reserves (Bloomberg) Rail Dead; Florida Gov. Scott Wants to Dredge Instead (LAT, Transpo Nation) New Transpo Chief on Horizon for San Francisco (Chronicle) In the Midst of Red Ink, Can America Save Its Infrastructure? (Transport Politic) Magazine, DOT Team Up […]

Study: Shorter Blocks May Be the Key to Cutting Traffic in Small Cities

It’s well-established that density and mixed-use development reduce driving. Right? But strategies like those don’t work the same way everywhere, according to new research published in the Journal of Transport and Land Use. While in major cities, denser development is linked to lower rates of driving, researchers found that in smaller cities it might not […]

The Problem Isn't Higher Gas Prices, It's Lack of Choice

Gas prices are a notoriously tricky issue for politicians. That the federal gas tax has remained static since 1993 (and won’t be raised this year) is testament to that. Of course, the hundred-dollar barrel of crude isn’t necessarily the end of the world if there’s a bus running down your street when you need it, […]