Today’s Headlines

  • House Committee to Hold Hearing on “Skyrocketing” Cost of CA HSR (Hill)
  • NTSB Calls for Banning Driver Cell Phone Use (NY Times)
  • Cell Phone Industry Reacts, Does Not Want to Restrict “Manual” Phone Use in Cars (Hill)
  • Ray LaHood Kicks Off Nationwide Crackdown on Drunk Driving (FastLane)
  • US Government Backs Detroit’s Regional Transit Plan (Detroit News)
  • New Passenger Rail Service to Connect Chicago, Quad Cities, by 2014 (Examiner)
  • Who Really Pays for Roads? (Buffalo Rising)
  • What Ever Happened to San Francisco’s Performance-Based Parking? (GGW)
  • One Pedestrian Advocate Celebrates Potholes (Grist)
  • How Parking Spaces Define Cities – a Graphic Comparison (Old Urbanist)
  • China Daily, China’s English Newspaper, Calls for National Bicycle Infrastructure
  • Facebook Promotes Bicycle Commuting for Employees (Patch Palo Alto)


Today’s Headlines

As Pedestrian Deaths Skyrocket, Senate Considers Road Safety Amendment (Bike League) Senators, Citing Parking Benefit, Call for Extending Mass-Transit Benefit (Hill, National Journal) Crosswalk Carnage: Why Do Police Ignore Drivers Who Won’t Yield? (Crosscut) The New Republic Sees More Multi-Modality in America’s Future Graph: If You Build It, They Will Come (By Bicycle) (TreeHugger) Battle Over […]

Today’s Headlines

Bloomberg Plan Expected to Call for Congestion Pricing (NYT, Post, Daily News) Spitzer Proposes Ambitious Energy Initiative (NYT) New Amtrak Service Could Boost ‘Sixth Borough’ (NY Sun) Demolition Delayed: Facing Lawsuits, Ratner Will Wait for Ruling (Brooklyn Paper) Closing Fifth Avenue for Atlantic Yards: Why So Soon? (Queens Ledger) Neighbor vs. Neighbor on 9th St. […]

Making Employers Liable For Their Distracted Drivers

Today one of our Streetsblog Network members picks up on some ideas in the latest New York Times article about distracted driving, which focused on workers who multitask in their cars using a variety of electronic devices. The Chicago Bicycle Advocate, which is written by a personal injury attorney, says that only the threat of […]

Notes on Bicycling in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark is not a natural bicycling city. In the early 1960’s it was very much of a car town. In 1962 the city created its first pedestrian street, the Stroget, and every year since then Copenhagen has allocated more and more of its public space to bicycles, pedestrians and people who just want to sit […]