Today’s Headlines

  • Is the White House Focus on Jobs a Roadblock to Transportation Reauthorization? (Politico)
  • LaHood in Detroit with $47 Million in Relief for Transit Riders (DFP)
  • Democrats Press Supercommittee to Go After Oil Subsidies (The Hill)
  • Study: High Speed Rail in One Province Could Boost Entire Canadian Economy (Montreal Gazette)
  • Can Electric Cars Actually Save Electricity? (WaPo)
  • Yglesias on the Folly of City-Owned Parking Garages (Atlantic)
  • The Urban Living Boom Held Back by Not-So-Stranded Suburbanites (Grist)
  • Investors May Not Back California HSR Until After It’s Running (LATimes)
  • Cars and Intersections May Soon ‘Talk’ Using USDOT Connected Vehicle Technology (WKMG)
  • Bright Lights, Big City: The Beauty of Our Cities At Night (NRDC)
  • Making Cities Livable Conference Extends Healthy Communities Design Deadline (Planetizen)


Going Car-Free in a Car-Centric City

There are those who are blessed to live in a city with a variety of convenient transit options. For the rest of us, car ownership can feel like a mandate — regardless of how much we dream of setting off each day with nothing but a fare card in our pockets. Of course no matter […]

Today’s Headlines

Foxx: One Year After Sandy, Transit Recovery Continues (Fast Lane Blog) Head of Mayors Group Talks Transpo Issues, Shutdown with Politico Which U.S. Cities Have the Fewest Car Commuters? (Grist) Utah Transit Aims to Double Ridership by 2020 (SL Trib) Phoenix Mayor: Cities Can’t Wait on Feds for Transpo Projects (Cronkite News Service) Long-Distance Amtrak Routes […]

Why Pedestrians Sometimes Do “Stupid” Things

People are often blamed for doing “stupid” things while walking, like “darting out in front of cars.” Why would anyone “dart” in front of a moving vehicle? Seems strange. But that’s the way it could seem, if you’re driving past pedestrian crossings at high speeds. Nathan at Carfree With Kids explains how poor street conditions […]

To Speed Service, Seattle Looks to Separate Streetcars From Auto Traffic

As streetcars make a comeback in cities across America, they are under scrutiny from transit advocates who complain about service quality. Atlanta’s new streetcar has produced disappointing ridership numbers, with sources reporting it’s not much faster than walking. And Yonah Freemark at the Transport Politic reports that after a fairly strong start, Seattle’s South Lake Union […]