Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Prices Rise as Allies Pummel Libya (Bloomberg)
  • Rhode Island, Connecticut Vie for HSR Funds (The Hill, Businessweek)
  • Context on Fukushima: Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal Hardly Safe Either (ProPublica)
  • Rep. Mica Expects Flat Transportation Funding in Next Bill (Mobilizing the Region)
  • Poll: Americans Give Obama High Marks for Protecting Environment (Gallup)
  • Metro to Entice Bike Commuters With Parking Upgrades (WaPo)
  • Australia: A Model for Overcoming Car Dependence? (Miller-McCune)
  • Contest: It’s Time to Redesign Metro’s Map (GGW)
  • Here’s a Look at the Future of Urban Transportation (NAC)
  • Mad for Trains (T4America)


Will New Oil Supplies Slow the Transition to Green Transportation?

What if peak oil doesn’t take care of gas-guzzling by cutting off the supply? The Saudi oil fields may be finite, but new sources like the Canadian tar sands and the North Dakota oil shale keep opening up. That poses a challenge to the shift away from carbon-intensive transportation, according to Deborah Gordon, who studies transportation oils […]

Senators Aim to Reintroduce Transportation Into Climate Bill Debate

Sen. Jeff Merkley projects that his legislation would allow the United States to almost completely stop importing oil, primarily by reforming our transportation system. Image: Office of Sen. Merkley [PDF]. As the threat of a Republican filibuster continues to prevent the Senate from passing climate legislation, leading Democrats have tried to scale back their proposal […]

Lawmakers Introduce Reality-Based Plan to Achieve “Freedom From Oil”

Members of Congress of all stripes are trying to show that they’re concerned and responsive to the financial strain caused by high gas prices. Some are recommending more oil drilling. Some want to end subsidies to oil companies. Today, members of the Congressional Livable Communities Task Force suggested that providing more diverse transportation options to more people […]

No Details Yet on House Transportation and Oil Drilling Bill

House leaders did not unveil a bill at their press conference this morning. House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica said the bill, when it is released, will: consolidate duplicative parts of the federal transportation system shift responsibility to states and local governments to move transportation projects forward increase the ability to leverage financial resources significantly […]

Retired Military Leaders, Corporate CEOs: Driving Alone Aids Terrorists

What do the president of FedEx, the former Director of National Intelligence, and 19 other business and military leaders have in common? They’re urging the U.S. to adopt less oil-intensive transportation habits. They say our national security depends on it. Retired military officers have joined forces with business tycoons to form the Energy Security Leadership […]