Today’s Headlines

  • Neither Party Can Get a Budget Bill Passed in the Senate (The Hill)
  • Census Confirms That California Picked Booming Cities for High-Speed Rail (Transportation Nation)
  • Florida DOT Exposes Gov. Scott’s Error, Finds That HSR Would Have Made a Profit (Miami Herald)
  • LaHood Continues to Reject Gas Tax Increase But Offers No Alternative (Land Line)
  • GAO Finds Red Tape, Redundancies, Inefficiencies at USDOT (FOX News)
  • Mica: Starting Cycle of Surface Transpo Extensions Was a “Major Mistake” And It Ends Here (The Hill)
  • Rising Fuel Costs Mean Increased Transit Ridership But It’s Still a Net Loss for the System (BizJournal)
  • At the Bike Summit: School Biking Champion Spearheads First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign (LAB)
  • League of American Bicyclists Announces Stanford As First-Ever Platinum Bicycle-Friendly University
  • Bus Rapid Transit in the U.S. Suffers From Epidemic of Cutting Corners (GGW)
  • TSA Tested Body Scanners for Transit Stations (Forbes)
  • Infographic: The Origin of a Traffic Jam (
  • In the California HSR story, it really doesn’t matter if there’s anything between San Francisco and L.A. The point is to shorten the travel time between those two cities, and the fact that these improvements are planned for the Central Valley is complete coincidence.


Welcome to Streetsblog Capitol Hill

When was the last time you read a good article on transportation policy-making in Washington? Have you ever wished that the D.C. media could do a better job of mapping the political landscape that keeps transit under-funded and new road projects flush with federal cash? If you had trouble answering the first question or answered […]

5 Down, 5 to Go: Plan Linking Transit to Climate Bill Wins Sponsors

Streetsblog Capitol Hill reported this week that the Obama administration — which often talks about reducing transportation-based emissions — is staying mum on a bill that would devote a guaranteed share of revenues from carbon regulation to transit, bike paths, and other green modes of transport. But that doesn’t mean the proposal, otherwise known as […]

Where’s the National Business Voice for Transit?

At the local level, business has been a key force in cementing transit victories. But at a national level, the business voice has been largely absent from heated, high-stakes debates about transit. With a new report called “Bosses For Buses,” Good Jobs First investigates the disparity between local- and national-level organizing efforts by employers. In […]

The Best Amateur Music Videos in Support of Active Transportation

Transit and bike activists are creative folks. More and more young, car-eschewing millennials are making their case in amateur music videos. The result is funnier and more imaginative than anything you’ll find on basic cable. Check out this one from the University of Michigan. Production value, casting, script — this video is almost too good. […]

Today’s Headlines

Why USDOT’s Transit Funding Rule Doesn’t Work and What Could Fix It (Slate) Boehner: GOP Will Tack Keystone Pipeline Onto Transportation Bill (Hill) Gov. Brown: Cap and Trade Fees Will Fund HSR in California (SacBee) Why Conservatives Should Be All Over Smart Growth (Switchboard) Millennials: Affordable Urban Living Is Hard to Find (GGW) The Reason […]