Today’s Headlines

  • NOAA Scientist Acknowledges Oil Plume Size Was Initially Underestimated (TPM)
  • Port of Miami Overhaul Will Give Freight a Major Boost (Miami Herald)
  • Arlington Names FHWA Official in Lawsuit to Prevent Highway Widening (WaPo)
  • Two Calif. Cities Want Out of High-Speed Rail Plan (Mercury News)
  • Vote for Cap-and-Trade Costs New Mexico Rep. Harry Teague Millions (Politico)
  • Obesity-Fueled Diabetes Driving Up Hospital Costs (CTMirror)
  • Feds Simulate Attack on Boston Subway (AP)
  • Federal Money Critical for Minneapolis Light Rail Line (MN Public Radio)  
  • Norfolk Southern Completes Key Track Upgrades in Northern Virginia (NV Daily)
  • New High-Tech Parking Meters in LA Will Accept Credit Cards (LATimes)


Miami’s Golden Opportunity to Bring Commuter Rail Downtown

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often. Traffic-clogged Miami is tantalizingly close to a commuter rail extension that would link its northern suburbs to the heart of downtown. But the city needs to secure $30 million in the next few months to make it happen. The region has a commuter rail line called Tri-Rail that runs 72 miles north to […]

Today’s Headlines

DeFazio Expects Next Transpo Bill to Be $260 Billion (Columbian) Portland’s Message to T&I Committee: Transit, Transit, Transit (Oregonian) Florida Gov. Dismisses Last Ditch Efforts to Save High-Speed Rail (Miami Herald) Democrats and Republicans Spar Over Who Gets to Take Credit for Cleveland’s Renaissance (LAT) Investigating the Charge that Wisconsin Buses “Ride Around Empty” as […]

Today’s Headlines

Fare Hikes, Service Cuts, and Layoffs in DC Metro’s Proposed Budget (WaPo) American Prospect: For Next President, Greatest Challenge Will Be Infrastructure Will the Private Sector Take Over Public Transit? (Atlantic) Slate: How Zillow Ruined Urban Planning’s “Trick or Treat Test” Car-Centric Atlanta Considers New Transit Future (CS Monitor) Virginia Beach Faces Major Light Rail Vote […]

Expectations for High-Speed Rail Coming Down to Earth

Three months after the Obama administration announced the first winners of what it hopes will be the first of many federal grants to build U.S. high-speed rail networks, advocates and planners are settling in for a long battle to surmount the obstacles and unknowns that stand in the way of long-term bullet train development. If […]

Conservative Tea Party Movement Targets Florida Rail Plan

The conservative "tea party" movement, last seen complaining about the government-funded local transit system that they took during an anti-government march in Washington D.C, is veering back to form in Florida with an organized protest against the state’s proposal for broad new investments in rail transit. The "Tea Party" is now a registered political party […]