Today’s Headlines

  • Massachusetts transit officials like the sound of the Obama administration's pitch to help oversee light rail and subway safety (Globe)
  • In addition to its transit safety push, the administration has also issued safety rules for motorcoach buses (Bloomberg)
  • Even conservative Dems such as Sen. Ben Nelson (NE) are open to new transportation spending to help boost employment (HuffPost)
  • Meanwhile, Perlmutter joins the ranks of House Dems backing DeFazio's Wall Street transpo tax (The Hill)
  • Better infrastructure is an important legacy to leave to the next generation -- but we're falling behind (NYT)
  • New study finds 1 in 3 teens confessing to a "frightening" habit of texting while driving (WashPost)
  • The nation's senior transportation safety official decries the media's focus on salacious, context-free details of crashes (CBS News)