Wanted: Your Eyes on Your Streets

3938221405_3d62be80fa.jpgBikes on the Governors Island Ferry in New York City. Photo by Benjamin Running.

We need your help.

We want to see what you’re seeing when you’re out there on the streets of America, and we’re going to be asking you to send us your pictures on specific themes in the weeks to come.

This week: bike traffic.

In pretty much every part of the country, fall is prime biking weather — not too hot, not too cold. Just right for riding to work, doing your errands or getting out and about for some recreation.

Well, we want the proof. Shoot us your pictures of bike traffic in the places you live — the more cyclists the merrier. Of course, while pictures of jam-packed bike lanes are welcome, feel free to send along anything noteworthy, beautiful or just plain fun.

We’ll gather the results and put them together in a slide show for your enjoyment and edification.

You can send JPEGs to me at sarah [at] streetsblog [dot] org. Or tag your photos with streetsblog in Flickr.

Don’t forget to include caption info, and let us know how you want to be credited.

Need a deadline? Submit your entries by next Tuesday, September 29th.

And have fun out there!

  • Will short videos like this one also work?

  • Sarah Goodyear

    Great video!

    While video won’t fit with this particular project, we’re going to be soliciting video too in the future. So I’m saving the link. It’s really cool.

  • On a similar note…


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