Friday’s Headlines Want Peace and Quiet

Photo: Henry Be, CC
Photo: Henry Be, CC
  • Traffic will raise your blood pressure — and it’s the noise, not just the stress or the pollution. (CNN)
  • A group of U.S. representatives is reintroducing a tax incentive for e-bikes that failed back in 2021. (Bicycling)
  • Car website Jalopnik acknowledges that we can’t electrify our way out of the climate crisis unless those EVs have two wheels.
  • Transit agencies are not making it easy to pay fares using newfangled methods like card taps. (Washington Post)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg might be the last guy who still believes in “smart cities,” and the U.S. DOT is betting $94 million on it. (The Verge)
  • Even a minor wreck could lead insurance companies to total electric vehicles because there’s no way to assess damage to the battery. (Automotive News)
  • Former New York transit official Andy “Train Daddy” Byford is joining Amtrak. (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Despite a Chicago hardware store’s claims, studies have proven that bike lanes are good for business. (Chicago Mag; Streetsblog NYC)
  • The city of Oakland is calling transit violence what it is and making street safety a budget priority. (Oaklandside)
  • The Atlanta city council ordered an audit after the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority scaled back a number of voter-approved transit projects. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • A downtown tunnel is the best option for Seattle’s planned light rail expansion. (Seattle Transit Blog)
  • The Maine DOT is investing in vibrant, walkable downtowns like Bangor. (Government Technology)
  • NASCAR is better than a lot of cities at punishing drivers who park in a no-parking zone. (Fox News)
  • This is why cities should be responsible for clearing sidewalks. (The Onion)


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