Wednesday’s Headlines Hear That Train A Comin’

High-speed rail. Photo:
High-speed rail. Photo:
  • With new technology, rail is faster, greener and better positioned to meet the transportation needs of the future than other modes. (CNN Travel)
  • A new company thinks cargo e-bikes that can haul 800 pounds will soon replace delivery trucks in cities. (Bloomberg)
  • The feds are dragging their feet on congestion pricing in New York City. (Streetsblog NYC)
  • North Carolina legislators are proposing to give drivers a $200 gas tax rebate (WRAL). Meanwhile, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is taking a different approach to high gas prices, giving low-income taxpayers a break while arguing that lifting gas taxes will only benefit oil and gas producers (Big Country News)
  • Charlotte organizations are pushing for a multimodal approach to climate change that embraces walking, biking and electric vehicles. (Q City Metro)
  • Oklahoma City is considering a bus rapid transit line linking downtown to Del City and Tinker Air Force Base. (Oklahoman)
  • Here’s where candidates for Oregon governor stand on the I-5 Columbia River crossing. (Jefferson Public Radio)
  • Denver is trying to get bike-friendlier, but its transit agency still bans bikes on buses and trains. (Denverite)
  • Arizona Cardinals cornerback Jeff Gladney, a former Texas Christian University star, died in a wreck while speeding on a Dallas freeway. (WFAA)
  • San Francisco voters should approve the $400 million Prop A bond issue because Muni computers are still running on floppy disks. (Chronicle)
  • The L.A. Metro is getting into the food delivery business. (Eno Center for Transportation)
  • A small-town California mayor is transforming Emeryville into a haven for people who want to bike to work or walk their kids to school. (Route Fifty)
  • Los Angeles’ Sixth Street bridge was torn down for very good reason. But it was also an iconic setting for movies from “Grease” to “Terminator II.” And its artsy replacement has nearby residents worried about gentrification. (The Guardian)


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Transit and Equity Advocate Stephanie Pollack to Lead MassDOT

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