Wednesday’s Headlines Are Climbing Uphill

  • There will be plenty of horse-race coverage on infrastructure this week (Politico), but if you’re looking for substance, Yonah Freemark posted a handy chart on Twitter showing what’s in the bipartisan and reconciliation bills.
  • Certain design features can help convince suburbanites to accept higher-density buildings. (Sidewalk Talk)
  • A UK study predicts a pretty frightening future where autonomous vehicles choke the roads and air taxes usurp buses. (Forbes)
  • The Labour Party is warning against squandering the cycling gains made during the pandemic. (The Guardian)
  • Amazon is creating hundreds of small delivery companies as a way to dodge legal liability and pay lower wages. (American Prospect)
  • The “safety score” system Tesla uses to decide who gets access to “full self-driving” is a joke. (Vice)
  • Something is wrong when a 12-lane highway in Utah can win a “quality of life” award. (Washington Post)
  • Unless the D.C. region does more to discourage driving, an unrealistic number of drivers would have to switch to electric vehicles to meet climate-change goals. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • A new Texas law will actually punish drivers who injure pedestrians. (News Channel 6)
  • The Providence Bicycle Collective is addressing social injustice by helping people repair their bikes and lobby for better infrastructure. (ecoRI)
  • Windsor, Canada, is pitching a new riverfront route for its 103-year-old restored streetcar. (Star)
  • Florence, Italy, is adding two new lines to its “bike subway,” which may or may not be underground, but is organized like a subway, with color-coded routes. (The Mayor)
  • This is the last thing you’ll see before a Toyota Tundra’s giant grill pancakes you. (Jalopnik)


Seattleites Predict A-Park-alypse If Parking Minimums Are Lifted

Kudos to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn for proposing a smart regulatory reform package that would, among other things, eliminate parking minimums on new developments near transit stops. Of course, not everyone gets why it’s good for the city to stop forcing everyone to build parking. In a meeting held this week, many neighborhood residents predicted […]

In Death of ARC Tunnel, Political Grandstanding Trumps Governing

There’s a lot of chatter on the Network today about the death of New Jersey’s ARC rail tunnel to New York. Yesterday, NJ Governor Chris Christie officially pulled his state’s $2.7 billion investment in the project, killing what would have been the largest transit investment in American history — the once-in-a-generation opportunity to double rail […]