Monday’s Headlines: Memorial Day Edition

Enjoy the day off, if that’s even possible. We’ll be back with national headlines on Tuesday as normal. Until then, here are a few things we noticed over the weekend:

  • Drive-in movies — which are inherently inequitable — are making a comeback. (amNY)
  • Some of that $25 billion allocated by the federal government as COVID-19 relief for transit agencies is going to the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District to boost ferries and bus service. (NBC Bay Area)
  • There’s talk of making bike share part of the public transit system in Austin, Texas. (Community Impact)
  • We spend a lot of time talking about how people get around horizontally, but City Lab did a deep dive on elevators.


Today’s Headlines

Oberstar questions whether most people would notice a small gas tax increase; "They will notice, however, when their roads fall apart" — but he hasn’t ruled out DeFazio’s oil-speculators tax, either (Timberjay) From the Dept. of Strange Bedfellows: Detroit automakers help defeat a proposed amendment that would have prevented the EPA from acting on climate […]