Thursday’s Headlines

  • Sacramento is retrofitting two neighborhoods near transit into neighborhoods oriented around transit. The redevelopment project aims to accommodate an influx of new residents, increase transit ridership and improve air quality. (Urban Land)
  • NPR gets in on the “Democrats and Republicans can unite on infrastructure” game. (Spoiler alert: probably not.) The American Spectator suggests Trump should go back to being a Chuck Schumer Democrat (again, fat chance). But the New Republic argues that Democrats should focus on long-term party-building over trying to pass legislation.
  • Just like people, autonomous cars won’t ever to be able to drive in bad weather, according to the CEO of driverless carmaker Waymo. (Cnet)
  • The CEO of Seattle’s Sound Transit is up for a contract extension to see through the agency’s multi-billion-dollar expansion —  and a nice raise. (Herald Net)
  • Atlanta is considering regulations covering where users can park dockless scooters and bikes. (11 Alive)
  • News flash: Public transit requires public subsidies — especially in the suburbs, which were built for cars. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has lost his epic struggle with the Trump Administration over roadside signs. (WABC)
  • Iowa cyclists offer tips for biking in the snow. (Daily Iowan)
  • The Asheville, N.C., council is set to approve a road diet. (WLOS) But another progressive Southern college town, Athens, Ga., has sided with drivers in a similar debate. (Flagpole)
  • And, finally, four Russians found an ingenious way around a ban on people crossing a bridge on foot. (Jalopnik)

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