Tuesday’s Headlines

  • The shortfalls in Move Seattle, the $930 million tax levy for transportation, are coming into focus, with bus upgrades and bike lanes likely to fall by the wayside, but still no decision on exactly what to scale back. The deficit stems from underestimated construction costs and the Trump Administration’s reluctance to disburse federal transit funds. (Seattle Times)
  • San Diego planners might start allowing developments with no parking, like San Francisco or New York. Does the city have enough density and transit for people to abandon their cars?  (Union-Tribune)
  • Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who broke his campaign promise to fund new rail in favor of bus rapid transit, is pushing back against criticism from his predecessor. (Herald)
  • The Pittsburgh Port Authority’s plan to restore trolley service to Allentown is getting pushback from NIMBYs. Others say the neighborhood has to learn to live with growth. (Tribune-Review)
  • Public service — or sneaky trick to get you to download the app? On Election Day, Lyft will offer free and discounted rides to polls. The catch: You have to pay full price on the trip back. (Yahoo)
  • Our streets our designed to make us hate each other, writes a Washington, D.C. bike advocate. (WaPo)
  • Milwaukee — which may be just a tad behind — is starting a dockless bike-share program, and Mayor Tom Barrett touted its new protected bike lanes at the official announcement. (Urban Milwaukee)
  • No mo’ Mobikes in Manchester: The Chinese bike-share might pull out of the UK because of widespread vandalism and theft. (Guardian)
  • Let’s really nerd out: Uber and Lyft are replacing taxis in the Marvel cinematic universe. (Forbes)