Today’s Headlines

  • Schumer Says No to Gas Tax Hike to Pay for Infrastructure (Daily Beast)
  • American Cities Are Doing Vision Zero Wrong (Treehugger)
  • Should Seattle Ban Bikes on Sidewalks? (My Northwest)
  • Wisconsin City Proposes “Wheel Tax” to Pay for Sidewalk Repairs (WFRV)
  • Ride-Hailing Services Are Turning Curbs Into Battlegrounds (Wired)
  • A Month After $1 Billion Investment, Lyft Raising Another $500M (Axios)
  • Governments Worldwide Launch Investigations Into Uber Data Hack (Reuters)
  • Boston Transit Asks City to Trade Parking for Bus Lanes (Globe)
  • Tulsa Buses Now Run on Sundays (Tulsa World)
  • Why Can’t Digital Assistants Tell You When the Bus Is Coming? (Venture Beat)
  • Baloo Uriza

    The lame thing about Tulsa’s sunday bus service is that it’s only Nightline service, no daylines run. The distance to Nightlines can be pretty intense, it’s almost 2km from my apartment to the nearest nightline stop, and I’m in one of the more populated parts of town.