Today’s Headlines

  • US DOT Withdraws From Multi-Agency Group Overseeing NY-NJ Gateway Tunnel (Hill, AMNY)
  • Across the Country, Black People Bear the Brunt of Jaywalking “Enforcement” by Police (NYT)
  • Rahm Emanuel Is Interested in Elon Musk’s Terrible Tunnel Ideas (Wired)
  • Smart Approaches to Parking Management in Honolulu (KHON) and Charlottesville (C’Ville Tomorrow)
  • Meanwhile: Knoxville (News Sentinel) and Holland, MI (Sentinel) Sink Money Into Parking Garages
  • Hit-and-Run Drivers on Sidewalks in Salt Lake City (Tribune, Deseret News) and Jonesboro, AR (KAIT, AROnline)
  • Poll: Toronto Residents Overwhelmingly Support Slower, Safer Speeds and More Bike Lanes (Star)
  • London’s Sadiq Khan Has a Plan, But Former Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner Wants More Action (Guardian)
  • NPR Finds Germany’s “Bicycle Autobahn” Is Faster at Connecting Nearby Cities Than Driving the Highway

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. The bike autobahns being created in Holland, Germany, England and elsewhere are a manifestation how far behind we are falling.

    People are not going to be consistently cycling 15 miles to run errands, but these autobahns make trips of 5-7 miles surprisingly easy.

    For example a suburban friend of mine takes her 2 children (3&5 yrs old) to a school 6 miles away via cargo bike on a bike autobahn. She thinks nothing of it. It simply normal for her. Meanwhile, The family minivan sits and gathers dust.

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