Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Considers Borrowing Big for Infrastructure, Tying It to Healthcare (WaPo, The Hill)
  • Another Idea: Trump’s Billionaire Friends Could Steer Infrastructure (CNNMoney)
  • Amtrak Knew of Defect Before Penn Station Derailment; Christie Withholds Payments (NYT, Bloomberg)
  • California Clears Tax Hikes for Transportation Plan (AP)
  • Proposed Amtrak Cuts Target Trump Country (Seattle PI)
  • In Honolulu, Lawmakers Approve $1.2B for Beleaguered Rail Project (Hawaii News Now)
  • Los Angeles Offers Employers Discounts for Bike-Sharing (KPCC)
  • Sadik-Khan on Nashville Transit: “Just Do It” (Nashville Biz Journal)
  • New Mural Gives Bike-Oriented Perspective of Salt Lake City (SL Trib)
  • What’s Behind the Driving Downturn? (CityLab)

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