Today’s Headlines

  • Anthony Foxx’s Mission to Heal Damage Caused By Urban Freeways (American ProspectPop Mechanics)
  • Opposition in South L.A. Could Undo Transit Ballot Measure (LA Times)
  • Feds Report Mix Results With DC Metro Improvements (WaPo)
  • Maryland’s Purple Line Awaits Possible Judicial Reconsideration (Bethesda Mag)
  • Massachusetts Transpo Secretary Ready to “Get to Scale” Tackling Climate Change (Commonwealth)
  • What Will Become of the Troubled Honolulu Rail Project? (Honolulu Civil Beat)
  • The Atlantic on the Increasing Unsexiness of Cars
  • Why Are Feds Hot on Self-Driving Cars But Cool on Drones? (SF Chron)
  • Can an Iron Fist Impose Better Traffic Manners? (NYT)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The headline here used for the story shows part of the problem: the word “county” is missing. It’s not South LA that’s against the project, it’s cities in south(east) LA County that feel that they’re being asked to pay for projects that mostly benefit the City of LA, not the entire county.

  2. Interesting story about traffic laws in Moscow. Having never been there, I wonder what kind of delays pedestrians face at traffic signals and whether they have to beg to cross. That ten-lane monster in the photo would be scary to cross, light or no light. The second intersection pictured is much more humane. The countdown is definitely a nice feature and could be used here at intersections where it’s not at all clear whether or when the light will change.

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