Today’s Headlines

  • Anthony Foxx’s Mission to Heal Damage Caused By Urban Freeways (American ProspectPop Mechanics)
  • Opposition in South L.A. Could Undo Transit Ballot Measure (LA Times)
  • Feds Report Mix Results With DC Metro Improvements (WaPo)
  • Maryland’s Purple Line Awaits Possible Judicial Reconsideration (Bethesda Mag)
  • Massachusetts Transpo Secretary Ready to “Get to Scale” Tackling Climate Change (Commonwealth)
  • What Will Become of the Troubled Honolulu Rail Project? (Honolulu Civil Beat)
  • The Atlantic on the Increasing Unsexiness of Cars
  • Why Are Feds Hot on Self-Driving Cars But Cool on Drones? (SF Chron)
  • Can an Iron Fist Impose Better Traffic Manners? (NYT)