Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Vows Self-Driving Cars Will Be Safe as Feds Unveil New Guidelines (Post-Gazette, WaPo)
  • $200B in Transpo Funding in Play in Elections Across the Country (StarTrib)
  • U.S. DOT’s Mayors Challenge Winners Include Myrtle Beach, Norwalk (Sun News, The Hour)
  • Detroit-Area Health Officials Back Tax Increase for Transit (Detroit News)
  • Bicycling Mag Profiles America’s “Most Bike-Crazy Mayor”
  • Could Human Drivers Be Banned From Seattle-Vancouver Highway? (KUOW)
  • DC Streetcar Boosts Service, as Systemic Challenges Remain (WaP0)
  • Indianapolis Joins World Car-Free Day This Thursday (Indy Recorder)
  • Could This Innovation End Dooring For Good? (Outside Mag)