Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Takes a Hit in Illinois Governor’s “Turnaround” Budget (Sun Times)
  • California’s High-Speed Rail Sets Off Global Race for Contractors (Bloomberg)
  • Finger-Pointing Continues in Boston Amid Transit Woes (Daily Beast)
  • Is Biden’s “Grow America” Campaigning Part of a Presidential Bid? (BloombergNYT)
  • Former Kansas City Mayor Will Head Area’s Transit (KC Star)
  • Fragmented Governments Make For Inefficient Metro Areas (WaPo)
  • Is Less-Frequent Service the Answer for Maryland’s Purple Line? (GGW)
  • In Honolulu, Local Lawmakers Need to Find Money for Commuter Rail (Civil Beat)
  • Yes, Virginia, Millennials Are Moving Downtown (Smart Growth for Conservatives)
  • Should a City Train Station Be a “Place to Be Seen”? (Roll Call)

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  1. Wash post article about fragmented governments. Michigan is a perfect example of it and has Grand Rapids, Lansing and Flint metros are the prime examples.

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