Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx Visits Florida on Grow America Tour Before Joining Biden in SC (, The Hill)
  • It Could Take Another Month for Boston Transit to Get Back to Normal (NYT)
  • Texas High-Speed Rail Firm Reveals Preferred Route (Texas Trib)
  • Sacramento Streetcar Wins Support From Downtown Property Owners (Sac Bee)
  • Grand Rapids’ BRT Success Could Be Model for Detroit (Detroit News)
  • How Could L.A. Rank as the Least Sprawling Metro Area in the U.S.? (City Lab)
  • Seattle Transit Advocates Push for Second Downtown Bus Tunnel (Seattle Times)
  • South Florida’s Streets Are Especially Dangerous for Elderly Pedestrians (Miami Herald)
  • Faster Train From Pittsburgh and Harrisburg Would Come With High Price Tag (Next City)
  • Bill Paves Way for Pets Aboard Amtrak (StarTrib)

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