Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Calls MAP-21 (In Effect Monday) a “New Transportation Era” (The Hill)
  • Japan and Britain Offer Examples for Privatizing Amtrak (National Review)
  • Downtowns Are Officially Booming (Atlantic Cities)
  • Illinois Company Bids to Make 130 High-Speed Rail Cars (Trib)
  •  HuffPo Sees Links Between Driverless Cars, Victorian Sewers
  • MARTA to Release “Wealth of Data” to Entrepreneurs and Developers (Creative Loafing Atlanta)
  • Should U.S. Follow Germany and “Punish” Private Drivers? (
  • The Long and Winding Road of Nashville’s BRT (Tennessean)
  • Bill in Michigan is Try #24 for Linking Detroit, Burbs (Detroit News)
  • Map: Where Are Americans Using the Most Oil? (Atlantic Cities)

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