Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Offers Public Thank You to Transportation Workers Across Northeast (Hill)
  • South Carolina Gov., Citing State DOT Debt, Says FEMA Will Cover Most Costs of Irene (WSPA)
  • GOP Now Supports Funding FEMA — At Expense of Infrastructure (Salon)
  • Extreme Heat Is Enough to Buckle Aging Infrastructure in Houston (ABC)
  • Can Taxing Trucks By the Mile Save Transportation Funding? (Stateline)
  • U.S. DOT Says New Road Signs Can Wait (NYT)
  • Nebraska’s Capital City Considers Privatizing Its Buses (JournalStar)
  • Pennsylvania to Use Traffic Cameras to Improve Safety During Construction (PBGLive)
  • Central Florida Businesses Eagerly Prepare for Sunrail (Progressive Railroading)
  • Streetsblog Founder Gets People Thinking About Better City Transportation (Wired)
  • Transportation Equity Seeking Short Videos of You Saying ‘Yes to Transit’
  • Anonymous

    S.C. Governor Haley ran on a tea party platform — in her inaugural speech she blamed wasteful federal spending for ruining the state’s economy.  But now her tune has changed considerably, as she taps the federal government for what are essentially bail-out funds for SCDOT.  Gov. Haley should more seriously consider tapping into the state’s treasury reserve if she wants to make good on her promise to reduce the influence of the federal government on state affairs.