Today’s Headlines

  • After 20 Years of Talk, Could the Infrastructure Bank Idea Finally Become Reality? (TNR)
  • FHWA Releases List of Bicycle Facilities Included in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • HSR Designation Allows Amtrak to Improve Connectivity on Nation’s Densest Corridor (CivSource)
  • LaTourette: Some Lawmakers Don’t Really Know What an Earmark Is, Let’s Revisit Ban (The Hill)
  • Florida Gov. Scott Overestimated Job Creation Potential of Port-Dredging Project (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Can Tea Partiers Becomes Smart-Growth Urbanists? (NYTBoston Globe)
  • How Bicycle Infrastructure Improved the Local Economy in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Bike League)
  • Working in Your Pajamas Saves 10 Million Barrels of Oil a Year (Switchboard)
  • Japan’s High Density Made Its Population More Vulnerable to Natural Disaster (ShopFloor)
  • High-Speed Rail Rejection is a Slap in the Face of the Middle Class (Treehugger)
  • Alai

    “Can Tea Partiers Becomes Smart-Growth Urbanists?” rings true to me. A lot of the stated Tea Party principles are actually perfectly sound–it’s just that the movement has suffered from an unfortunate association with Sarah Palin, anti-Obama nutcases, racism, etc. Some people would say that those are the true essence of the tea party, but I think it’s foolish to discount peoples’ legitimate grievances, and it’s a major failure on the Democratic party’s part that they’ve totally failed to address and direct the powerful populist anti-establishment forces.