Call This Morning to Boost Transit Funding in Stimulus Package

Last night Jerrold Nadler’s stimulus bill amendment, which would add $3
billion for transit, cleared the House Rules
Committee. The full House may vote on the amendment by noon today, so the sooner you call your representative the better.

Transportation for America sends along some key points to make in your phone call:

  • In the poll released a few weeks ago by Transportation For America
    and the National Association of Realtors, fully 80% of respondents said
    that stimulus funds should not only create jobs, but also help us meet
    the goals of reducing oil dependence, improving the environment and
    increasing transportation options. Now is the time to increase much
    needed funding for public transportation.
  • Transportation For America has identified more than $5 billion in
    new transit extension and rail projects that could be ready to go in
    120 days, generating over 178,000 new jobs. These investments could put
    people to work building and operating rail cars and bus vehicles, in
    the steel and concrete industries and in design and planning

Tell us how things go in the comments.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Better yet, call Weiner.

    Remember, we need $3 billion per year for ongoing nornal replacement in the capital plan, and that’s assuming the MTA starts spending the money more efficiently. Just for us, not the whole country, and not this year, every year into the future.

    Weiner said that congestion pricing was a rich Republican plot, and without it the gas tax and transit funding would rise. I’d say he promised $1 billion per year.’

    Brodsky said the state would come up with the money. He’s on the hook for $1 billion.

    But the only state option now on the table is a payroll tax that exempts those pension-privileged retirees, and would continue forever while only funding five years worth of ongoing normal replacement. The business community is in favor, because they know in this labor market the tax would be shifted entirely to the workers, in lower wages and benefits. Except for the public sector, which would pass the cost on to those same workers in higher taxes and diminished public services.

    Then there is the hidden billions. Where are DiNapoli and Thompson on the hidden accounts with billions of dollars that could be used without costing anyone anything? We’re heard about those hidden billions from the City and State Comptroller’s offices for years, but suddenly they are silent.

  • Called the D.C. office of my rep, Carolyn Maloney. The guy who answered said he’d “pass it on.” Took 40 seconds.

  • called Yvette Clark’s DC office… gave my two cents and the woman i spoke with chuckled in full agreement when i spoke about the MTA”s woes. she said she’d certainly pass the message along to the congresswoman. fingers crossed!

  • Andrew

    Called my rep (for the 8th in Somerville, MA) and an aide said he would pass along the message. took 30 seconds.


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