Today’s Headlines

  • House Supports Including Uber in Transit Benefits for Federal Employees (The Hill)
  • Nashville Marks 10 Years of Commuter Rail (Tennessean)
  • Chinese Investors Look Into Twin Cities High-Speed Rail (Finance & Commerce)
  • Will Minneapolis Greenway Stretch Beyond Its First Five Blocks? (Next City)
  • “Radio Silence” From NJTransit During Transpo Funding Shutdown (TSTC)
  • Building Better Bike Lanes, With Help From Citizens (NPR)
  • The Parking Deal That Could Haunt DC for Years to Come (HuffPo)
  • Salt Lake City BRT Project Proceeds Amid Lawsuit (SL Trib)
  • Mobile Health Clinics to Set Up at St. Louis Light Rail Stations (St. Louis Biz Journal)
  • Meanwhile, Fresh Food Markets Expand at Atlanta Stations (AJC)
  • Barry County, Michigan, Honored as Best Rural Transit System in US (Hastings Banner)



Parking Madness: Toronto vs. Medford, Massachusetts

It's Parking Madness season at Streetsblog, and if you're just joining us, this year's competition is all about how we sabotage transit by surrounding stations with huge fields of parking. First round action continues today as Toronto takes on the Boston suburb of Malden. Vote for the worst to send it through to the round of eight.

St. Louis Blogger Tells Kunstler He Got It Wrong

Steve Patterson, the writer of Streetsblog Network member blog UrbanReviewSTL, has long been a fan of anti-sprawl guru James Howard Kunstler. But Patterson takes issue with Kunstler in a post today about the new St. Louis Amtrak station, a multimodal facility that also serves as a bus depot and light rail link. Kunstler just named […]

St. Louis “Beat Congestion” and Now Commute Times Are Longer

St. Louis is every highway planner’s dream. Consistently ranked among the least-congested cities in America, the region’s car commuters spend a smaller share of their trips to work sitting in traffic than all but two other cities. That means St. Louis car commuters aren’t encumbered much by other car commuters, just like in those car commercials. But […]