Park(ing) Day Around the U.S.

It’s International Park(ing) Day, when people all over the world transform their cities’ most dead boring places — parking spaces — into temporary, creative community gathering places. We hope you got a chance to play, relax or socialize in a temporary park in your city today. But even if you didn’t, you can enjoy them vicariously through these pictures of the creative people doing creative things in cities throughout the U.S. today.

First up, Jacksonville, Florida:

Good conversation happening in Oakland, California (via Walk Oakland Bike Oakland).


Looking good in Nashville, Tennessee:

Not to be outdone by Dayton, Ohio.

Austin, Texas, courtesy of Streetsblog reader Jace Deloney.

Here’s Phoenix:

Lounging in Portland, Maine:

And finally, this crudely shot, slightly idiotic video of Cleveland, Ohio, by yours truly.

And if that isn’t a popular, broad-based movement, I don’t know what is. Great job to everyone who participated!

  • Patrick Cammack

    NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service’s Transportation Association has kept its stronghold on Broadway and W. 4th for several years during Park(ing) Day.  Despite being on a student’s budget, the thought is there.

  • Cincinnati Parking Day! Check out the mini-ball-park, with popcorn + mini-Reds-fans. We also had a: circus ring, ballet barre practice, beach dance party (with sand and sunscreen), dinner party, and more!

  • Jace Deloney

    Thanks for posting my photo, Angie!