Today’s Headlines

  • Road to Ruin for America’s Transportation – Why Not Just Give Up Some Roads? (Grist)
  • Financial Times: America Needs Its Own Infrastructure Bank
  • Motorcycle Enthusiasts Happy About USDOT Anti-Distracted Driving Efforts (Clutch&Chrome)
  • Maybe It’s Time for Angelenos to Embrace Public Transit (NBCLA)
  • Driverless Cars Would Likely Lead to Sprawl (Bloomberg)
  • How Do We Retrofit Suburbia? A New Urbanist Approach (Next American City)
  • Heard About the Bicycle Bus? How About the Bike Stroller? (GGW)
  • Muzzi Cycles: Man Who Invented Plastic Slinky Now Making Bikes Out of Garbage (CNN)
  • HollaBack DC Fights Street Harassment on Public Transit (WaPo)


To Put Transit on Stronger Footing, Stop Lavish Subsidies for Driving

There’s an interesting conversation happening in urbanism circles about how to make transit financially sustainable, going back to a piece in CityLab last June from University of Minnesota professor David Levinson. Levinson made the case for running transit like a public utility, not a government agency. There’s one thing that’s largely missing from these discussions, argues Cap’n Transit, […]

Active Living For All Ages: Creating Neighborhoods Around Transit

Streetfilms teamed up with the Public Policy Institute at AARP to bring you a look at how Arlington, Virginia plans for its senior population using transit-oriented development (TOD).  Arlington has been practicing TOD since the late 1970s, when Washington’s Metrorail first began service there, and it’s proved very effective in accommodating the population growth of this […]

Talking Headways Podcast: Moneyball for Transit

Laurel Paget-Seekins joins the podcast this week to talk about her days as a transit activist in Atlanta, what Santiago, Chile, taught her about transit networks, and her current work on data collection and dissemination as the director of strategic initiatives at the MBTA in Boston. We discuss the MBTA’s data blog and dashboard, how the agency […]

New Federal Bill Would Help Orient Communities Toward Transit

The federal government has a long history of supporting transit, but it’s never played much of a role in promoting the kind of development that helps make those investments successful. That’s why David Goldberg at Transportation for America is so excited about a new bill that would help encourage transit-oriented development: Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI), Ed Markey (D-MA), Kirsten […]

Today’s Headlines

Fare Hikes, Service Cuts, and Layoffs in DC Metro’s Proposed Budget (WaPo) American Prospect: For Next President, Greatest Challenge Will Be Infrastructure Will the Private Sector Take Over Public Transit? (Atlantic) Slate: How Zillow Ruined Urban Planning’s “Trick or Treat Test” Car-Centric Atlanta Considers New Transit Future (CS Monitor) Virginia Beach Faces Major Light Rail Vote […]