Today’s Headlines

x2_9ecb1a.jpg(Chart: PERI via Grist)
  • A reminder that transit, and trees, are better job creators than fossil fuels (Grist)
  • "Before calls for a gas tax increase become deafening, DOT needs some real reform of the way it does business, prioritizing projects of real significance and managing for successful outcomes" (TNR's The Avenue)
  • A look at Portland's $613m plan for bike infrastructure expansion (CSM)
  • Political blogger hit by government-owned SUV making illegal left turn -- and hit with a jaywalking ticket while recuperating with broken knee (Daily Caller)
  • Crime plagues Detroit's new transit center (Free Press)
  • Maryland budget analysts want to siphon off $60m in transportation funding, to the chagrin of state transport officials (Balt Sun)
  • A local editorial board urges Alabamans: Get on board with high-speed rail (Plainsman)