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Opinion: To Halt Wasteful Highways, America Needs a ‘Road Review’

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n February, the government of Wales announced that it was scrapping all major road-building projects. The move came after a year-long “roads review” in which a government-appointed panel systematically reviewed the nation’s road-building program in light of its climate and environmental goals. To an American steeped in our highway-happy, boondoggle-building transportation policy system, the summary of the roads review reads like something out of a particularly good fantasy novel. But could it happen here, too, if the people lead the way?
Houston's I-45 and I-10. Photo: Dhanix, CC

Are Texas Transportation Commissioners’ Investments in Auto and Oil Fueling Highway Addiction?

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“They’d discuss budgets, billions and billions of dollars — and it’s obvious who their interests are,” she says. “I was there every month and never once did I hear them say, ‘People who are living in their grandma’s home, that’s their inheritance — [we want to make sure they] are being paid equally as all the big businesses downtown.’”