Today’s Headlines

  • Will Federal Safety Officials Consider Transit a Death-Reduction Strategy? (The Hill)
  • …Yes, According to NTSB’s Twitter Account
  • The Case for Moving Toward Pilot Projects and Away From Big Ideas (Commonwealth Magazine)
  • W. Virginia, D.C., Oklahoma and Louisiana Big Winners in U.S. DOT “Fastlane” Grants (The Advocate)
  • Cleveland Debuts Another Unorthodox Bike Lane Design (Scene)
  • In Australia, Drivers Will Wait Up to 7 Seconds Longer to Accommodate Elderly Pedestrians (The Age)
  • Honolulu Negotiating With Feds to Keep $3-Billion-Over-Budget Rail Project Moving (NextCity)
  • Toronto Cyclists Win Fight Over Key Missing Link in Bike Network (Now Toronto)
  • Does Job Sprawl Shorten or Lengthen Commutes? (Access Magazine)
  • Indianapolis Star: Passing Transit Levy Will Improve Quality of Life


Today’s Headlines

How Does Expanded TIFIA Change the Field for Local Transit Projects? (Next American City) Tyson’s Corner Developers Could Fund $2B-Plus in Transpo Improvements (WaPo, Transpo Nation) Atlantic Cities Looks at Bike-share Stations of the Future Opposition to Congestion Pricing Has Different Flavor in South America (This Big City) Advocates Continue Push for Tappan Zee Transit […]

Rob Ford’s Toronto: Moving Backwards

Toronto is a beautiful, progressive, global city. I was just visiting a couple of weeks ago, and I was so impressed with the teeming sidewalks, the subways, the streetcars, the buses and, most importantly, the bike lanes. My boyfriend and I brought our bikes and that was all we needed to get around the city […]

Today’s Headlines

Can Life Cycle Budgeting Reduce Infrastructure Costs? (The Hill) Palin: America Should Ditch All Energy Subsidies (Politico) Sec. LaHood Aims to Defuse Standoff Over Dulles Metro Stop (WaPo) Return of Intercity Rail Spurs Development in New England (Mass Live) Bike Share Stats for Toronto Looking Better and Better (Blog TO) Big Four Could Offer the […]

Have Toronto’s Bike Lane Butchers Found Another Target?

How did Toronto — a great global city of glass highrises and extensive transit — come to be the only city in North America actively removing bike lanes? This city has 20,000 daily cycle commuters [PDF], and a population density that is well above San Francisco’s. We’re talking about Jane Jacobs’ adopted home city here, […]

Two Very Different Ways Bike-Share Benefits Transit

A new survey [PDF] by researchers at UC Berkeley and published in Access Magazine sheds light on how bike-share systems interact with transit. Researchers Susan Shaheen and Elliot Martin surveyed more than 10,000 bike-share riders in Montreal, Toronto, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and Washington, DC. Like previous surveys have shown, Shaheen and Martin found that a significant number of bike-share users reduce car use. But their […]