Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx Visits Florida on Grow America Tour Before Joining Biden in SC (, The Hill)
  • It Could Take Another Month for Boston Transit to Get Back to Normal (NYT)
  • Texas High-Speed Rail Firm Reveals Preferred Route (Texas Trib)
  • Sacramento Streetcar Wins Support From Downtown Property Owners (Sac Bee)
  • Grand Rapids’ BRT Success Could Be Model for Detroit (Detroit News)
  • How Could L.A. Rank as the Least Sprawling Metro Area in the U.S.? (City Lab)
  • Seattle Transit Advocates Push for Second Downtown Bus Tunnel (Seattle Times)
  • South Florida’s Streets Are Especially Dangerous for Elderly Pedestrians (Miami Herald)
  • Faster Train From Pittsburgh and Harrisburg Would Come With High Price Tag (Next City)
  • Bill Paves Way for Pets Aboard Amtrak (StarTrib)


Detroit's Sprawl King: Transit Expansion Plan Would Be a "Job Killer"

We’ve been following Detroit’s efforts to remake itself as a less car-dependent, more sustainable city, with great interest. There seems to be a growing understanding in the Motor City that bikeability, walkability and improved transit service are imperative to remake the economy and reverse the city’s infamous urban decay. So much so that private investors […]

Transit Vote 2016: With Historic Decision, Detroit Could Heal Old Divides

We continue our overview of what’s at stake in the big transit ballot initiatives this November with a look at Detroit. Previous installments in this series examined Indianapolis and Seattle The four-county transit ballot measure before voters in Southeast Michigan this November is truly historic. It took 40 years and 23 failed attempts for Detroit and its suburbs to establish a […]

How Ambitious Will Seattle Get With Its Transit Expansion Plan?

Next November, voters in the Seattle region will be asked to approve a new tax to fund a major expansion of the region’s light rail system. The $15 billion plan to expand transit, known as ST3, would be funded by a mix of sales taxes, property taxes, and car registration fees collected for 15 years. The big question is which projects […]