Today’s Headlines

  • Latest Projection: Highway Trust Fund Will Dry Up by Late August (Transport Topics)
  • Senators Discuss Six-Month “Patch” (Bloomberg)
  • Detroit Streetcar Needs More Money From Feds (Detroit News)
  • Union Leader Blasts GOP Plan for Transpo Funding (The Hill)
  • Can All Aboard Florida Serve as Blueprint for Private Passenger Rail? (City Lab)
  • New Walkability Study Ranks D.C. Area Highest, Orlando Lowest (WaPo, Orlando Sentinel)
  • DOT Touts New Twin Cities Light Rail (Fast Lane)
  • The Winners and Losers of Brazil’s World Cup Transit Projects (Next City)
  • RI Public Radio Hosts Conversation on Highway Bill
  • Which D.C. Metro Stations Are Actually Walkable? (GGW)
  • In Berkeley, Leaders Divided Over Downtown Growth (East Bay Express)


When people who bike get behind the wheel of a car, their attitudes toward cyclists are influenced by the type of bike trips they make. Photo: John Luton/Flickr

What Do Drivers Really Think of Cyclists?

There's ample research out there backing up the safety benefits of streets with protected bikeways and slow car speeds. But what about the critically important yet less tangible factor of individual attitudes -- how does the mind of the person behind the wheel affect driver behavior toward cyclists? A new report from Portland State University looks at the question.

Today’s Headlines

NHTSA Did Not Send Anyone to Testify at House Hearing on Bills to Get More Autonomous Cars on Road (Reuters) Former Delta CEO Richard Anderson to Take Over at Amtrak (NYT) Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) Wants to Fix the Highway Trust Fund But Doesn’t Once Mention the Gas Tax (Hill) Baltimore Avoids Court, Reaches Agreement With […]

Today’s Headlines

Jacksonville Cop to Young Black Man: “I’ll Throw You in Jail” for Jaywalking (Times-Union) Why Make Our Existing Transportation System Less Deadly When Everyone Knows Robot Cars Will Save Us? (WSJ) Having Drivers Pay for Each Mile Driven — and Charging More at Busy Times and Places — Is Effective (Seattle Times) Just Like Two Years Ago, […]