Today’s Headlines

  • Climate Bill at a Crossroads; Dems to Decide Thursday Whether to Push Forward (Politico, The Hill)
  • Good News: Damaged Gulf Well Appears Stable (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Obama Encourages Greener Commutes for Feds (Washington Post)
  • Q&A with T4America Director James Corless (Bike Portland)
  • At the Awkward Intersection of Transit and Religion (Infrastructurist)
  • Minneapolis Eyes Downtown Streetcar Revival (Minnesota Daily)
  • Gov. Rendell Gets Flak Over Transportation Plan (Post-Gazette)
  • “Baby” Vehicle Registration Fee Could Benefit Transit in San Francisco (Examiner)
  • Does Air Pollution Up Suicide Risk? (Press TV)
  • This Bears Repeating: Car Infrastructure Is Not the Product of the Free Market (Yglesias)


Talking Headways Podcast: A Positive Vibe For Chicago TOD

On this week’s podcast, Yonah Freemark of the Metropolitan Planning Council (you may know him from The Transport Politic) shares the scoop on transit-oriented development in Chicago. In a recent post, Yonah writes that in order to break the pattern of slow growth but ever-increasing demand, more development should happen near Chicago’s extensive transit system. We talk about why […]

Cutting Transit Means Cutting Independence

Today on the Streetsblog Network, a post from member blog VTA Watch, which covers the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority in California. The blog’s author discusses the impact of upcoming service cuts on the people whose mobility, and ability to participate meaningfully in their communities, depends on public transit. The post also goes on to […]

Doomsday Across America

Following up on Sarah’s post about transit funding woes in Illinois, this CNN segment from earlier in the month brings home the effect of service cuts and fare hikes in St. Louis. Similar scenarios are playing out all over the country. According to the latest tally from Transportation for America, 85 transit systems serving 22 […]

Today’s Headlines

Final Vote Near for Indiana Transit Bill (Indy Star) Walkscore Ranks Toronto Tops for Transit in Canada (Toronto Star) Chicago Explores Two Plans for Transit System Overhaul (Chicago Trib) To Revitalize Downtown, Phoenix Looks at Decreasing Lanes, Speeds (AZ Central) Southwest Line Rail Planners Try to Win Over Minneapolis Critics (StarTrib)  How Mexico’s History of […]

AFL-CIO Flexing Its Muscle for Senate Transit Operating Aid Bill

The AFL-CIO, a formidable lobbying force in Washington, is throwing its weight behind a Senate bill offered last week that would authorize $2 billion in emergency funding for transit agencies forced to hike fares or cut service in lean budgetary times. Rev. Jesse Jackson, second from left, has joined transit workers’ unions in their Save […]