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Wes Marshall

Wes Marhsall is a tenured, full professor of Civil Engineering – with a joint appointment in Urban Planning – at the University of Colorado Denver. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer who has been working professionally in this realm for the last 25 years. The author’s work has been covered in industry publications such as CityLab and Next City and in some mainstream publications (such as the Washington Post). He has written for some of the same industry publications, but most of his published work has been academic. He was co-author on a book with David Levinson that was self-published (we offered David a contract but he ended up wanting to keep control of the book).

The People Who Design our Roads and Cars Are Both Telling the Same Deadly Lie

It's time to remake the U.S.’s allegedly data-driven approach to road safety by reinventing our understanding of the crash data that informs it all.

June 25, 2024

Why Traffic Engineers Learn Almost Nothing About Traffic Safety In School

Shocking as it may seem, civil engineering programs do not need to offer any transportation-specific courses. Here's why that's bad news.

June 12, 2024