Tuesday’s Headlines Circle the Globe

  • President Biden visited a New Jersey transit facility Monday, pitching his infrastructure plans as he prepares for a UN climate conference. (CNN)
  • A recent poll found significant support for raising taxes to pay for infrastructure, even among Republicans, but a split between those who favor user fees like gas taxes and those who’d rather tax individuals. (The Hill)
  • The U.S. DOT functioned fine while Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was on parental leave, according to a former Federal Transit Administration official. (Mass Transit)
  • Car crashes kill 40,000 people in the U.S. every year and injure another 3.3 million. Shouldn’t we all be outraged by this? (NBC News)
  • Lyft received more than 4,000 reports of sexual assaults between 2017 and 2019. (CBS News)
  • Advocates of jaywalking reform are having mixed success, with several states and cities decriminalizing the offense but others considering boosting penalties. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority workers voted to strike if they can’t reach an agreement on a new contract by Sunday. (Philly Voice)
  • The Twin Cities’ Metro Transit is increasing headways on light rail in the face of a driver shortage. (WCCO)
  • Maryland planners want to add dedicated bus lanes to the I-270 corridor to reduce congestion and improve access to the Red Line. (WTOP)
  • Dallas has revised its plans for a downtown subway. (D Magazine)
  • The Rhode Island DOT is backing off its opposition to converting a car lane on a Providence road into a bike path. (Providence Journal)
  • Getting rid of minimum parking requirements could help revitalize Virginia cities. (Mercury)
  • Paris, which has perhaps the world’s most bike-friendly mayor in Anne Hidalgo, recently announced plans to build more than 100 miles of protected bike lanes and 120,000 bike parking spots within the next five years. (City Lab)
  • Intelligent Transport interviewed London Mayor Sadiq Khan about sustainable transit and shifting people away from cars.
  • In Australia, many people are working from home on Mondays and Fridays, and transit agencies should adjust their schedules accordingly. (The Guardian)
  • Prague has one of the best transit systems in the world. (Governing)
  • An entire Barcelona neighborhood’s kids are biking to school en masse every morning. (NPR)


Today’s Headlines

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