Monday’s Headlines

  • As Uber deals with PR crisis after PR crisis — most recently a $3.5-billion investment from Saudi Arabia, which murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi — and prepares for a potential $120-billion IPO, investors wonder if it’s the next Amazon or just a debt-ridden mirage. (Vanity Fair)
  •  Vice finally weighs in on the topic everyone has been talking about for a year or three: Will the proliferation of dockless e-scooters create a problems given that bikes and scooters are too slow to mix with cars and too fast for sidewalks?
  • Lyft rolls out electric scooters in Washington, D.C. (Curbed)
  • The Honolulu city council is likely to dip into property taxes for $44 million the Federal Transit Administration is demanding for a new light rail line. (KHON)
  • A Charlotte planning group is considering a new light rail stop in South End. (WSOC)
  • Ridership is falling on Cincinnati’s star-crossed streetcar (Enquirer). In other streetcar news, Tucson’s will be free Nov. 10 and 11 (KGUN), and Oklahoma recently finished its new tracks (Oklahoman).
  • Boise is adding bus rapid transit and bike lanes to gridlocked State Street. (Idaho Press)
  • Chicago Tribune columnist: Scrap the gas tax and start charging drivers by the mile to fund infrastructure.
  • Workers of the world unite — and take back the subway. (Commune)
  • Cars and bikes are always a dangerous combination. In Mississippi, you can add deer to the mix, too. (Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

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