Today’s Headlines

  • DC Metro’s Proposed Cutbacks Raise Questions of Equity (WaPo)
  • What Would Hillary or Donald Do for Transportation? (GGW)
  • New York Mag Explores the Consequences of Driverless Cars
  • Foxx Tours High-Speed Rail Construction in San Joaquin Valley (Fresno Bee)
  • Three Regional Transit Systems That Can Teach Detroit a Thing or Two (Model D)
  • Baltimore to Open 20 Bike-Share Stations Next Week (ABC)
  • The Movement to Get More Women Cycling (CityLab)
  • Albuquerque Stores Haven’t Bought Into BRT Yet (ABQ Journal)
  • The Psychology of Driver/Cyclist Conflict, Explained (CS Monitor)
  • Atlanta Transit Hub to See “Curious New Addition” — a Soccer Field (Mother Nature Network)


Without Transit, American Cities Would Take Up 37 Percent More Space

Even if you never set foot on a bus or a train, chances are transit is saving you time and money. The most obvious reason is that transit keeps cars off the road, but the full explanation is both less intuitive and more profound: Transit shrinks distances between destinations, putting everything within closer reach. A new study published by the Transportation Research Board quantifies […]

New Federal Bill Would Help Orient Communities Toward Transit

The federal government has a long history of supporting transit, but it’s never played much of a role in promoting the kind of development that helps make those investments successful. That’s why David Goldberg at Transportation for America is so excited about a new bill that would help encourage transit-oriented development: Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI), Ed Markey (D-MA), Kirsten […]

More Transit Service Is Great, But It’s Not Enough on Its Own

A new report commissioned by Ohio DOT recommends that the state should double its funding for transit. At Notes from the Underground, Jason Segedy welcomes this  development, but he also notes that in many places, simply expanding transit funding won’t be enough, on its own, to make transit appealing. Places like Ohio need to complement additional […]

The Upside of iPhones Without Google Transit Directions

As we reported last week, the new Apple mobile operating system, iOS 6, will come with a new, Apple-designed Maps application that eschews Google’s mapping tools and comes without standard transit directions. The Apple Maps app will provide driving and walking directions, but transit riders will have to access third-party plug-ins to figure out the […]