Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. DOT Sets Goal of Zero Traffic Deaths in 30 Years (AP)
  • Nationwide Traffic Deaths Up 10 Percent in the First Half of 2016 (NYT)
  • Richmond Will Overhaul Bus Routes to Emphasize Frequency Rather Than Coverage (Times Dispatch)
  • Seattle Metro Exploring Program to Let People Rent Parking Spaces Out to Park-and-Riders (NextCity)
  • Train in New Jersey Crash May Have Been Traveling Two or Three Times the Speed Limit (Politico)
  • Bicycling Magazine: Charleston the Worst City for Bicyclists in 2016
  • Suburban Interests Form Opposition Group to Detroit’s $4.6 Billion Regional Transit Initiative (Detroit News)
  • Google’s Self-Driving Car Has Logged 2 Million Miles (Recode)
  • WaPo Reports on Unsheltered Population Living in Their Cars in Northern Virginia
  • voltairesmistress

    A quick read of the AP article re: USDOT plaaning to eliminate traffic deaths seems to indicate almost no real changes that will protect pedestrians or bicyclists anymore than we are now. Seatbelt use? Campaigns against drunk or distracted driving? Maybe the rumble strips? Seems to me that vastly reduced in-town/in-city speed limits, speed cameras, protected bike lanes, prohibition of parking within 15 feet of intersections, and self-driving cars will help. The USDOT’s proposals, however, seem like old pablum. Why not do as the Swedes already have and stop returning to old half measures?


America Has a Terrible Traffic Safety Record Because We Drive Too Much

Even though the U.S. traffic fatality rate per mile driven has fallen by two-thirds in the last 50 years, America today still has the deadliest road system per capita in the developed world. Much of the improvement from safer driving and better emergency care has been wiped out by increases in total traffic. The American approach to traffic safety has emphasized seatbelt use, vehicle standards, […]

America’s Traffic Death Toll Is a National Disgrace

More than 40,000 Americans were killed in traffic last year, according to new estimates from the National Safety Council, the worst toll in a decade. The U.S. transportation system claims far more lives each year than peer countries. If America achieved the same fatality rate as the UK, more than 30,000 lives would be saved each year.

CDC: America Falling Behind Other Nations on Traffic Safety

How is the U.S. doing on traffic safety? To hear a lot of people tell it, we’re making great strides. President Obama recently referred to the reduction in American traffic deaths as a success story of sorts, contrasting it with the rise in gun deaths. But while traffic fatalities in America are indeed trending downward, […]

Today’s Headlines

The Battles of Blue Cities vs. Red States (Atlantic) States with Most Traffic Deaths Went for Trump in 2016 (Salon) After More Than a Year, DC Metro Chief’s Job Hasn’t Gotten Any Easier (WaPo) Boston vs. Atlanta: Cycling Edition (Bicycling) Industries Divided on Pace of Self-Driving Car Rollout (Seattle Times) Solo Car Commuting on the Rise in Denver […]

How America’s Staggering Traffic Death Rate Became Matter-of-Fact

How did more than 30,000 annual motor vehicle deaths become something that most Americans accept as normal? A new paper by Boston University professor Itai Vardi tries to answer that question. Vardi reviewed American attitudes toward the problem of traffic deaths, starting in the early era of automobile growth, when there was a great deal of “moral panic” about […]