Today’s Headlines

  • Can the World Halve Traffic Deaths and Injuries By 2020? (Guardian)
  • Star Trib: Twin Cities Can’t Afford to Give Up on Transit Expansion Projects
  • Connecticut Divided on NE Corridor Amtrak Plans (CT Mirror)
  • The Case for Single Ride Bike-Share Fares (NextCity)
  • Governing: Why Are New Cities So Blah?
  • Changing Track on the Dallas Light-Rail Plan (Dallas News)
  • In New Haven, TIGER Grant to Turn Highway Stub Into Urban Boulevard (AP)
  • Grist: Cities Are Getting Smarter on Parking
  • Silicon Valley Still More Trusted Than Automakers on Self-Driving Cars (WSJ)
  • Boston Transit Makes More Data Public (Boston Globe)
  • Elizabeth F

    CT Alternative 3 is pure fantasy. No way rural CT will ever support that level of service (they don’t even have highways all those places today). The terrain is challenging as well — note that this proposals costs many times the proposed CA HSR.

    But there is a SERIOUS problem of track capacity and congestion between New Haven and New York. The LI tunnel and Danbury bypass ideas of Proposal 3 address that.

    As for Bradley Airport? The problem here is, unlike BWI, it’s nowhere near I-95. There’s already rail from NHV to Hartford. If they want a rail connection to Bradley, they should build out the rest of the rail tracks along the highway that goes to Bradley. Or any time they feel the urge, get serious about a shuttle bus that connects at the Hartford rail station, directly to Bradley. You don’t need a $300m HSR to solve this problem.

  • Elizabeth F

    Great news for New Haven Route 34!

  • Timothy Chang

    Link for ‘Changing Track on the Dallas Light-Rail Plan’ leads to the wrong article.


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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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