Today’s Headlines

  • Poor People Pay for Parking Even When They Can’t Afford a Car (WaPo)
  • Law Requiring Michigan Cities to Pay for Highways Through Them May Be Overturned (Detroit News)
  • DC’s Purple Line Gets $875 Million TIFIA Loan (Bethesda Magazine)
  • Transit Industry Facing a “Workforce Cliff” With Retirements Looming (RT&S)
  • NHTSA Chief: Self-Driving Cars Need to Halve the Number of People Killed in Traffic (Claims Journal)
  • Detroit Ranks Third in Pace of Increasing Walkability (Michigan Radio)
  • Miami Changing Its Parking Rules to Promote Walkability (The Real Deal)
  • Oklahoma City Using Traffic Calming to Make Streets Safer (KFOR)
  • Record Ridership on Capital Bikeshare as Metro Safety Closures Begin (NBC Washington)
  • Atlanta Launches Small Bike-Share System (NextCity)


Parking vs. Everything Else: An Aerial Map of Downtown Detroit

The above map, produced by Data Driven Detroit, comes to us though the satirical Facebook page Michigan Needs More Parking. It shows downtown Detroit with parking highlighted in orange and red: garages in orange, surface lots in red. “We must do something about all of these non-parking blocks holding back Detroit,” writes Michigan Needs More […]

Vehicle City

Foreign correspondence from Ethan Kent at Project for Public Spaces: I was working in Flint, Michigan the first part of this week. Remarkably, for a city that was planned for everything but people, there are still some great people working to create a genuine "Steets Rennaissance." Flint originally built itself around the car and, after […]

Walkable Development Is on the Rise in Michigan

As the cradle of the car industry, Michigan built out its cities and suburbs exclusively for the automobile after WWII with a fervor that few other states could match. Today the pendulum of public preference is swinging back toward walkability, but much of Michigan’s housing stock is stuck in the old model. Just 8 percent of homes in […]

The Brilliant, Satirical Campaign for More Parking in Michigan

They call their mission “The Cause.” And they say it’s critical to solving Michigan’s woes. Fortunately, though, the solution they have in mind is a simple one, and their name should make it obvious: “Michigan Needs More Parking.” This group has taken to the pages of Facebook and the local media to share their vision for a revitalized […]

Today’s Headlines

GOP Budgets Offer Few Answers on Transpo Funding (The Hill) Bipartisan Bill Would Give Local Govs More Control of Federal Transpo Dollars (Transport Topics) Chicago Transit Leaders See Grim Options Under Governor’s Plan (Chicago Trib) Chorus Grows for Daily Cincinnati-Chicago Amtrak Service (Cincy Biz Courier) Does Paying People to Commute By Bike Pay Off? (CityLab) Streetcar Talk Is Dead in […]