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  • Cato Anti-Rail Carpet-Baggers Take Aim at Indianapolis Bus Rapid Transit Plans (Indy Star)
  • Harvard Political Review: Sprawling Atlanta Beginning to Change Its Ways
  • Study Ranks Philadelphia Ninth in U.S. for Transit (Philly Voice)
  • Wichita Plans to Add More Bike Lanes (Wichita Eagle)
  • Dems Want U.S. DOT to Have the Power to Fine Auto Makers Who Violate Emissions Standards (The Hill)
  • The Verge: New York’s Penn Station Is “America’s Worst Train Station”
  • What Greyhound Is Doing to Attract Millennials (Dallas Morning News)
  • D.C. Streetcar Makes Its First Run (WaPo)
  • Court Ruling Could Enable Sprawl Along Vermont’s Highways (Valley News)
  • 94110

    Any list that has NYC placing fifth is suspicious.

    1. Washington, D.C.
    2. San Francisco
    3. Boston
    4. Chicago
    5. New York City.
    6. Seattle
    7. Jersey City
    8. Pittsburgh.
    9. Philadelphia.
    10. Oakland

    Can’t believe that article didn’t specifically call out that the methodology used placed Pittsburgh above Philadelphia.


Today’s Headlines

Chicago Tribune: Hey, Congress, Don’t Favor Cars Over Transit With Double the Budget, Philly’s SEPTA Has Grand Plans (Inquirer) Cincinnati’s Streetcar Victory Took a Decade to Achieve (Urban Cincy) Shuster Pledges to Work With Startups on Transpo Tech (1776) Charlotte Station WSCO Looks at Foxx’s Rise From Mayor to U.S. Transpo Chief Report: Milwaukee Needs Better Transit […]

Today’s Headlines

Four Examples of Why Federal Money Is Bad for U.S. Transportation (Next City) How Will North Carolina Navigate the Politics of its Transit Future? (E&E Publishing) Just Launched: The North American Bikeshare Association (Mobility Lab) Feds to Negotiate on Failed Alaska Ferry (Alaska Journal) Dallas Plays Catch-Up with Demand for Urban Living (D Mag) Jacksonville […]

In New Orleans, LaHood Unveils $280M in Streetcar and Bus Grants

During a visit to New Orleans, where city planners are seeking nearly $100 million in federal stimulus money for three new streetcar lines, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced plans to award $280 million in grants for streetcar and bus networks. New Orleans is counting on bonds, backed by sales taxes, to finance new streetcar […]

The Case for Letting States, Not Cities, Shape Development Near Transit

A bill circulating in the Connecticut legislature — HB 6851 — would give state officials greater control over development near transit stations. The measure has met with some resistance because it would weaken powers that have traditionally belonged to local government. But Sandy Johnston at Network blog Itinerant Urbanist says that in Connecticut’s case, that’s probably a […]

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Construction of Four New SunRail Stations to Start This Spring (Orlando Sentinel) U.S. DOT Turns 50 (Transport Topics) Google Extends Driverless Car Testing to Kirkland, Washington (Business Insider) Buffalo, Louisville, Austin Among Applicants for $50M Smart City Challenge Foxx Continues Push for DC Metro Safety (WaPo) How Cheap Gas Affects Amtrak’s Ridership (CityLab) Tennessee Lawmakers Look for Private Sector Boost for Transit […]