A PSA About Biking to Work That Needs No Translation

Give it up for the Directorate General of Traffic, a.k.a. Spain’s DOT. The agency produced this PSA about biking to work, which gets the message across pretty clearly, no subtitles required.

The DGT doesn’t mess around with its messaging. Check out these two powerful spots from a safe driving campaign the agency released earlier this year.

Hat tip: Aaron Naparstek

  • Random thought: Maybe this helps explain why drivers act like sociopaths so often. IDK.

  • Vinstar

    Haha great commercial, and hilarious because its true.

  • Roger R.

    Bingo! That, and they’re safely ensconced in their steal boxes….so it brings out the sadistic Nazi in people.

  • Alicia

    I take it they didn’t want to pay royalties for “I’ve got you, babe”…

  • R.A. Stewart

    Those two spots linked in the last paragraph, Las gafas más caras del mundo and El porro más caro del mundo (The most expensive glasses in the world and The most expensive joint in the world) are like a punch in the gut. I wish such spots were shown here in the U.S. Of course, that would entail treating Americans as adults capable of thinking about the consequences of our acts, so …

  • I tried the auto translation on them but it was very bad, unfortunately.

  • R.A. Stewart

    “These sunglasses look like any sunglasses. However, they are the most expensive sunglasses in the world. And this is Rafa. If Rafa picks them up, he will lose control of the car and will cause an accident that won’t only involve him, but also this couple and this boy. These glasses will also cost his family, his son Juan, and even a possible grandchild. This grandchild. From these firefighters too they will exact a cost, it always costs them, and also those who will repair the electric cable. The traffic officers. Two ambulances. It will cost these doctors and their friends. It will cost everyone a lot. And all for these sunglasses. The most expensive sunglasses in the world. A small decision can trigger consequences for everyone.”

  • Awesome thanks. You are totally right. It is amazing.

  • Joseph Cutrufo

    Love the use of the “Pennsylvania Polka” from Groundhog Day.