Today’s Headlines

  • Dem Senator Whitehouse: House Bill Is “Pathetic” But I’ll Vote for It (The Hill)
  • House Directs Homeland Security to Develop a Plan to Protect Infrastructure (The Hill)
  • Julián Castro Takes the Helm at HUD (NBC)
  • Pension Funds Eye Infrastructure Investment, But Not in United States (Roll Call)
  • Study Shows Where Bike-Share Increases or Decreases Transit Use (CityLabGGW)
  • How Chuck Marohn “Recovered” From Sprawl-Building to Become a Champion of Strong Towns (Time)
  • Transit Advocates Oppose Next Week’s Road Funding Measure in Missouri (Governing)
  • Minnesota’s Nice Ride Finds One Way to Increase Bike-Share Use Among Low-Income People (Pi Press)
  • As Massachusetts Grows, It Has to Build Denser Housing (WGBH)
  • While Salt Lake City Waits for Streetcar, How About a Bus Circulator? (Tribune)
  • RideScout Exec Calls For “Right-Pricing” Transportation So Users Pay the True Costs (Roll Call)
  • A Fast Transit Response to a Slow-Transit Response to a Fast-Transit Argument (Human Transit)
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    How Chuck Marohn “Recovered” From Sprawl-Building to Become a Champion of Strong Towns


Today’s Headlines

Connecticut Rail Shutdown Could Mean “Carmaggedon” on I-95 (USA Today, Globe, NYT) Foxx Is a Shoo-In For Transpo Secretary But He’s Not Leaving Anything to Chance (News & Observer) Obama Seeks to Further Fast-Track Infrastructure Project Reviews (White House) Doubling Tripling Quintupling Down on Obama’s Infrastructure Bank Idea (TID) Ways and Means Chair Uses IRS […]

Mica: “The Focus of the Bill Is on the National Highway System”

First, to recap: The transportation reauthorization proposal that House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica unveiled yesterday (sans legislative text) calls for $230 billion over six years, cutting 33 percent out of current spending levels. The plan maintains the current 80/20 split between highways and transit funding, supports state infrastructure banks in lieu of a national […]

Today’s Headlines

Looks Like Senate Will Be Working for the Weekend on Transpo Bill (Roll Call) House, Senate Republicans Headed for Showdown (The Hill) Anthony Foxx Sits Down with Politico Foxx Particularly Bullish on Southeast Rail (Fast Lane) Streetsblog’s Ben Fried on Why We Should Knock Down Urban Highways (Politico) Study: Transit Access Not a Primary Factor in […]

Senate Poised to Move on Climate Bill

Barbara Boxer (D-CA), chairman of the Senate environment committee, isn’t yet ready to start debating a long-term transportation bill — but she is reportedly prepared to move on climate change legislation that includes targets for diminishing auto dependence and encouraging transit use. Boxer’s panel will begin debate on its climate bill during the last week […]

Today’s Headlines

Rep. Bill Shuster, “Prince of Asphalt,” Gets Challenged From the Right (Roll Call) San Francisco Bike-Share Off to a Good Start (Examiner) — or Is It? (Streetsblog SF) Another Great Quarter For Transit Ridership (APTA) Turns Out There Really Are a Lot of Lexuses in Those HOT Lanes (Marketplace) California Cyclists Soon at Lower Risk […]